How To Start A Career In Law

There are a wide range of internship options available for law students today. When considering which would be most productive, it is important to focus on locating a placement in an area that is of interest to you, for example international law or corporate law. The following employers take on law students on an ongoing basis, each can provide a unique insight into what a law career would involve.

The largest number of placements is available in private firms. The positions and training on offer would depend upon what area of specialization the company focuses on. When interning at a law firm, hands on experience of preparing court documents, conducting research, and liaising with clients would be provided. Many interns who spend time working with a law firm are able to take up full time employment with the same company upon graduation.

The Department of Justice regularly offer both paid and unpaid intern positions across the US. Interns who work for the Department of Justice often have the role of a clerk. This is an interesting way to gain a broad perspective into how policies are formed, implemented, and kept relevant.

There is the possibility of interning with a non-profit organization. Legal experts are required by a broad spectrum of special interest groups to help interpret the impact of the latest policies. In most cases, working for an NGO on an internship would involve researching issues relevant to the running of the organization, as well as preparing briefings and other documents.

The healthcare industry also offers an interesting selection of internships, many hospitals and health centers now have their own dedicated team of legal experts. Corporations and large enterprises regularly need expert advice pertaining to liability and recruitment.

To be provided a different perspective on the legal industry, there is always the option of interning overseas. Organizations such as Interpol and the International Criminal Court offer interns the opportunity to be involved with international cases and policing. Gaining experience of cross border issues and responsibilities is extremely attractive to law students.

Choosing the right internship can have a massive impact on a career. It is extremely beneficial to spend time experiencing the tasks and activities carried out by legal professionals in a variety of industries. A law degree offers graduates great career opportunities, interning is the best way to find out which option best matches your personal skills and career aspirations.

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